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Only Superman Can Lead Lakers To Glory

Posted: April 19, 2013 by Mario Pages in NBA
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Somehow the Lakers managed to make the playoffs despite such a disappointing season and even more surprising they made it as a 7th seed. Just a few months ago, LA seemed  on track to have one of the most disappointing seasons of all time, after bringing in two future hall of famers in Nash and Howard during the offseason. But the Kobe led team fought until the last day of the season. I say Kobe led because his scoring and play played a huge role for keeping this team alive in the playoff race.The main issue with Lakers’ this season has been chemistry, they have the talent they just need to use all that they have learned this tumultuous season and use it on the court during the playoffs.

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

     Despite the Black Mamba tearing his ACL a few weeks ago, the Lakers managed  to pull together enough strong outings without Kobe to make the playoffs. While the Lakers’ had a very disappointing season, they can still prove themselves where everything matters most. You might ask how they can even get far without their franchise star Kobe Bryant who has carried this team since his early years well the answer relies on Dwight Howard. All the drama in LA has really had many people distracted from the fact that Lakers still have the best center in the league hands down. Yes his numbers went down this season, but that’s to be expected coming to a team with so much more talent, especially to a team with Kobe Bryant. He’s still an elite defender and at the prime of his career. His play ultimately will decide the Lakers’ fate come the playoffs and could prove just how great of a player Howard is.


     With a new contract on the horizon and rumors that Dwight would like to stay in LA, proving himself worthy of a max contract this postseason will earn this seven-time NBA All Star a lot more dough come the offseason. Howard certainly has an advantage being in the Western Conference now, as not many big men can contain him and this could help LA in the playoffs. His first challenge, the still very dominating future hall of famer Tim Duncan, will provide a tough challenge, however, an injury ridden San Antonio can be beaten if the Lakers are on their top game.  Howard has already made the NBA Finals with a lot lesser talent on his team, so as long as he does his part and dominate during the playoffs, don’t be surprised how far LA goes. The spotlight shines on Superman and many wonder if he can carry this team to glory or to a gloomy ending of uncertainty.