The Case Of Derrick Rose

Posted: May 8, 2013 by Mario Pages in NBA
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For the second year in a row, LeBron James has dominated the competition nearly unanimously winning his second straight MVP and  his fourth overall. Placing a distant second, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder followed by Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks. These three players represent the best of the best in basketball, the cream of the crop you could say. In fact it’s highly likely for the next five years or so these three players will always be top contenders for the  MVP award. Once upon a time though, in fact only two years ago, a different player other than LeBron reigned as MVP. He represented his hometown and became a popular player after being drafted number one overall despite only having a 1.7% chance of being drafted by that team. After having a controversial season in college, he showed no trouble dominating in the pros. When the Big Three of LeBron, Wade, and Bosh decided to take their talents to South Beach, this player was deemed as a possible  kryptonite for the star-studded Miami team. Two years ago Derrick Rose was the best player in the league so where is he now?


After an injury riddled regular season last season, Rose hoped to dominate in the playoffs and lead the Chicago Bulls to their seventh championship. That goal was cut short after Rose tore his ACL during the first round of the Playoffs, which cut the morale of the Bulls enough for them to get an early knockout by the 76ers. When the news of Rose’s injury broke, the original belief by many was Rose would  likely miss a good part of the regular season. Typically ACL injures take 6-8 months to fully heal, and in some cases less time. With the knowledge that they would not have Rose a good part of the season, the Bulls signed veteran guards Kirk Hinrich and Nate Robinson in the offseason. The hope of this organization was to remain in playoff contention until Rose would come back, however, possible deadlines for his return kept getting pushed farther and farther.  His decision to continue to sit out until he believes he is fully ready to come back has caused much criticism from fans even from his own brother.  This did not deter the Bulls too much, as they had a great season proving how great of a team they are without their star. Hinrich has provided his part while Robinson has contributed the most of all their players this season. His clutch shooting has won the Bull’s many games including their Game One win at Miami earlier this week.


     Rumors have been going around that Rose could come back this series and the question is how will he fit in to this Bull’s team that in many ways is different since he left the court. They certainly could have used him during the Brooklyn series which dragged out to seven games where Rose would have been a better defensive presence guarding Deron Williams. Which brings up a valuable factor in this Heat series. Despite Robinson’s clutch play, his size will always be an issue especially when the likelihood of reigning MVP LeBron James will be guarding him. If in fact Rose returns for this series, he will be an important factor in whether they win or lose this series. If Rose can dominate and flow well with this Bull’s team and somehow manage to beat the reigning NBA champs, he can help lead this team glory and the Chicago native can bring his hometown its first championship since number 23 reigned in the Windy City.



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